8 Reasons Why Model-Driven Approaches (will) Fail

If you want to build model-driven software you’ll need to devise a methodology based on ideas and experiences from others. I’ve written an article for InfoQ sharing 8 gotchas of Model Driven Engineering (MDE). I hope it will start discussions and information sharing about MDE!

I’ve stated the following 8 reasons why model-driven approaches can (or will) fail. Or formulated in a positive way: 8 points to pay attention to when developing an MDE methodology:

  • Not targeting all goals of Model-Driven Engineering
  • Only using one modeling dimension: the dichotomy between PIM and PSM
  • Focusing on generating new artifacts
  • Using general purpose languages
  • Using custom defined domain specific languages
  • Using model transformations which are not fully executable
  • Not testing the model
  • Insufficient tooling

I’m happy to receive your comments and I hope to learn from others (you?) sharing their experiences!

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