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I’m happy to announce my new microblog dedicated to news and articles on Model Driven Engineering. Model driven software development approaches are getting more and more attention, resulting in more web content. I have also contributed to this movement with a considerable amount of articles on Model Driven Architecture (MDA), Model-Driven Engineering (MDE), Domain-Specific Languages (DSL), Model Driven tooling, and Model-Driven SOA, to name a few topics.

Microblog dedicated to news and articles on Model Driven Engineering A couple of times I’ve pointed at interesting articles or react on them, for example last year’s discussion on UML vs. DSL or my more recent reaction on the challenges of MDD. Despite the fact that I like the dialog, I don’t always have time to write a decent reaction. However, just mentioning interesting links, news, and facts, with a maximum of 140 characters doesn’t take that much time. That’s why I’ve started a microblog / twitter feed.

I’ve planned to do daily updates on this microblog dedicated to the latest news and articles on Model Driven Engineering. These updates will mostly consist of interesting links related to model driven software development.

Why not just posting on this blog? Because I want to keep this blog dedicated to in-depth, original content, posted with a lower frequency.

I’d like to hear what you think about this. If you stumble upon interesting news or articles about Model Driven Software Development, please let me now!

Oh… and don’t forget to subscribe to your new source of model driven information 😉

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  1. Rui Curado March 24, 2009 | Reply

    It’s a good idea. I follow some MDSD related blogs via RSS and new posts are rare. Maybe these posters suffer from the same problem as you do. So I think it’ll be interesting!
    Good luck!

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