From Process Design to Process Automation

Today I gave a talk at the BPM2009 conference in Garderen. A lot of talks were given, all centered around Business Process Management (BPM). Although a lot of people associate BPM with technical IT stuff, most of the talks were focused on process design, change management, emotions, and people. My talk, however, was a bit more technical as I focused on translating a process design into a Service-Oriented Business Application (SOBA) in a model-driven way. You can find the slides and a short overview below.

I started my presentation with my favourite metaphor to explain Model-Driven Development. After introducing Mendix, the company I work for, I have argued that we need to move from software engineering to business engineering. Software should be build by using declarative business models which describe the functionality of an application and by interpreting these models with appropriate engines. In a future article I will explain in more detail why I think direct model execution is necessary as successor of code generation.

I briefly touched the subject of a Model-Driven SOA framework, but I mainly focused on explaining the Mendix Modeling Method and how this method is supported with tools.

I hope you enjoy the slides. Please don’t hesitate to post your comments and/or questions.

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