Blog overview 2011

In good tradition hereby the blog overview of last year. A bit late this time, but for good reasons (see the overview of the month december).

This year I expect to write a bit more. The subjects will stay the same, and as you could sense from the posts of last year my focus will be on all phases of the application lifecycle. So, Model Driven Development will still get attention, but also cloud and Platform-as-a-Service, as well as requirements capturing, social, and agile. As my first (and only) post with video material was the second popular post last year, I will try to post more video content this year.

Top 10 posts

Based on traffic, these are the top 10 posts in 2011:

  1. 5 types of Model Driven Software Development
  2. Why there is no future for Model Driven Development

  3. DSL development: 7 recommendations for Domain Specific Language design based on Domain-Driven Design

  4. 8 reasons why Model-Driven Development is dangerous
  5. Why aren’t we all doing Model Driven Development yet?
  6. Architecture, a definition
  7. 15 reasons why you should start using Model Driven Development
  8. MDE – Model Driven Engineering – reference guide
  9. Language Workbench Competition 2011
  10. What every architect should now know about the Service Component Architecture (SCA)

I didn’t take the time of publishing into account when looking at the statistics. So, articles posted more recently are less likely to show up in the top 10, unless they are very popular. From that perspective number 2 is notable.

Top 10 search terms

These are the top 10 search terms people have use when visiting my blog via a search engine:

  1. model driven development
  2. model driven engineering
  3. enterprise architect
  4. architecture vs engineering
  5. domain specific language
  6. soa framework
  7. model driven software development
  8. service component architecture
  9. architecture definition
  10. service identification

Blog summary for 2011




  • Code Generation 2011: just an announcement of the fishbowl session I organized at the Code Generation conference.



  • Language Workbench Competition 2011: A lot of new initiatives in the field of language workbenches are arising to facilitate the creation of Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) and their accompanied code generators and IDEs. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, so a competition to learn about them sound like a great idea back in 2010… and it was! This article describes all tools presented at LWC2011 as well as the opinions of the attendees. A nice overview of DSL tool space!



  • The Platform-as-a-Service for the Agile Enterprise: I shared a bit more about my work this time by describing the new major release of our products. This article perfectly fits in the subjects I normally cover like Model-Driven Development, app development, agile, and cloud.


September, October

  • Well… moving to a new house doesn’t leave you with a lot of time…


  • Enterprise Agile: 3 characteristics: there is a difference between an agile team in a start-up (or enterprise!), working in some sort of vacuum, and an agile team operating within the broader context of an enterprise. This article looks at some characteristics to make the difference more clear.


Blog overviews of previous years:

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