Managing your application landscape: engineered or emergent

Managing your application landscape: engineered or emergent

Companies often have more applications than the business needs. This means IT is spending resources on legacy applications instead of focusing on business innovation and growth. This years Application Landscape Report published by Capgemini concluded: One of the top priorities of today’s CIO is to build closer alignment between IT and the business. However to achieve this goal, IT first needs to deal with its own inhibitors to change. We.

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Today I gave a talk at the BPM2009 conference in Garderen. A lot of talks were given, all centered around Business Process Management (BPM). Although a lot of people associate BPM with technical IT stuff, most of the talks were focused on process design, change management, emotions, and people. My talk, however, was a bit more technical as I focused on translating a process design into a Service-Oriented Business Application.

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