The Evolution of PaaS in the Enterprise

The Evolution of PaaS in the Enterprise

This morning I was part of a panel at the GigaOM Structure:Europe 2012 conference in Amsterdam., titled: The Evolution of Private PaaS solutions. The abstract: Enterprises are starting to take interest in running PaaS solutions virtually, as app developers want to focus on building apps rather than dealing with infrastructure issues. Enterprises that use PaaS solutions almost always go down the private route. In this session we focus on private.

Will App Delivery PaaS make cloud more relevant to the business?

I finished my last blog post by introducing a Platform-as-a-Service subcategory called “Application Delivery Platform-as-a-Service“ as a way to distinguish platforms that focus on improving the entire application delivery lifecycle (and not just application development or deployment). I would like to clarify my views on Application Delivery and PaaS a bit more. My first attempt has been published on InfoQ yesterday. The short summary: business agility is key, so focus.

The Future of Software Development

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