Lessons learned in building a Model Driven Software Factory

Last June I gave a presentation at the Code Generation 2010 conference in Cambridge. I really enjoyed the conference: great venue, great food, I met a lot of interesting people, and last but not least I participated in a lot of interesting sessions!

The Process Centric vs. Information Centric approach to SOA

Architecture and Engineering in Business Engineering

From Process Design to Process Automation

Today I gave a talk at the BPM2009 conference in Garderen. A lot of talks were given, all centered around Business Process Management (BPM). Although a lot of people associate BPM with technical IT stuff, most of the talks were focused on process design, change management, emotions, and people. My talk, however, was a bit more technical as I focused on translating a process design into a Service-Oriented Business Application.

What every architect should now know about the Service Component Architecture (SCA)

OSGi quick start

Quality in Model-Driven SOBA development

Architecture requirements for Service-Oriented Business Applications