Mendix World 2014 keynote full video

Mendix World 2014 keynote
A couple of weeks ago we had Mendix World, our global community event. I really enjoyed the event! It was inspiring to talk with so many of our users, customers, and partners, and to just feel the vibe. If you missed it you can get a glimpse of the experience from this photo overview as well as all the content on the Mendix World recap page.

I opened the second day with my keynote titled “Reinventing Cloud Apps — and How Companies Can Win with Software”, in which I gave an overview of our views on the (cloud) world as well as an overview and demo of our new release. We actually did two product launches: we launched the AppCloud and our Community Edition.

Here is the full video of my talk:

Some highlights:

  • The introduction is centered around software as a disruptor of industries, which is based on an earlier talk “Software is disrupting Industries: are you Trendwatcher or Trendsetter?“.
  • The model / framework I explain is an evolution of the one I described a couple of months ago on this blog: “The cloud landscape described, categorized, and compared“.
  • The Mendix AppCloud is a connected universe of apps, app services, data, and users powered by a layer of cloud services on top of our App Platform (see press release). The significant step here is that we make end-users part of the ecosystem, thereby blurring the lines between developers and users.
  • The Mendix Community Edition (see press release) makes our platform available for free, including unlimited free sandboxes for everyone. You can start today and have your first cloud app running in just a few minutes!

Thanks to the Mendix community for making Mendix World 2014 such a great event!

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