BPEL4People going official

In a previous article, SOA and Human Interaction, I talked about BPEL4People and how it can support human interaction in SOA compliant systems. Now the specification v1.0 is presented. It consist of

two documents:

  • WS-BPEL Extension for People specification, v1.0 (link)
  • WS-HumanTask specification, v1.0 (link)

WS-BPEL Extension for People introduces a BPEL extension to address human interactions in BPEL as a first-class citizen. It defines a new type of basic activity which uses human tasks as an implementation, and allows specifying tasks local to a process or use tasks defined outside of the process definition. This extension is based on the WS-HumanTask specification.

WS-HumanTask introduces the definition of human tasks, including their properties, behavior and a set of operations used to manipulate human tasks. A coordination protocol is introduced in order to control autonomy and life cycle of service-enabled human tasks in an interoperable manner.

The authors of these specifications plan to submit the specifications to a recognized standards development organization in the near future. On webservices.org it is said that the specifications will be submitted to OASIS.

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