Model Driven Software Development is becoming a hot topic today (again!). I recently visited the Model Driven Experience with lots of presentations about practical use of model driven techniques and proof-of-concepts using MDA. One of the presentations had a nice introduction about the confusion among all the different acronyms related to model driven approaches. They had a discussion about whether to use MDA or MDSD. Their solution was really nice…

A couple of acronyms related to Model Driven Software Development are:

Which one do we need? Which is the best approach? The ultimate question: MD..?

Luckily we know the answer to the ultimate question, we know the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. It’s 42.

Translating this answer into a human understandable format using an ASCII table (from decimal to a character) we get *. So the ultimate solution is: MD*.


I guess I can write the same post for SOA. Think about SOA, SOE, SOBA, eSOA, SOMF, etc.

Somehow we like acronyms…


If you know other acronyms related to MD* or SO*, feel free to post them!

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  1. Ram Ramdas June 30, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Johan
    how do you see the MDA converging with EDA (Event Driven Architecture)? or do you not??? and further with SOA ???
    …since we all love these 3 letter acronyms very much šŸ™‚
    would love to see a thread starting on this from you…cheers, ram

  2. Johan den Haan July 2, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Ram,
    I think MDE is essential for implementing the services (or SOBA’s) in a SOA for making the promises (flexibility, business-IT alignment, etc.) of a SOA come true. See for my vision on SOA, SOBA and how to implement them.
    I think EDA can be part of such an architecture by implementing analytical services enabling CEP. But this of course depends on your definition of EDA šŸ˜‰

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