Will App Delivery PaaS make cloud more relevant to the business?

I finished my last blog post by introducing a Platform-as-a-Service subcategory called “Application Delivery Platform-as-a-Service as a way to distinguish platforms that focus on improving the entire application delivery lifecycle (and not just application development or deployment). I would like to clarify my views on Application Delivery and PaaS a bit more. My first attempt has been published on InfoQ yesterday.

The short summary: business agility is key, so focus on improving the app delivery lifecycle for maximum business value and cloud will fit in naturally (as well as agile software development, Model-Driven Development, and social collaboration).

The Need to Focus on App Delivery Lifecycle in PaaS

Cloud is the next best thing since sliced bread, isn’t
it? It increases responsiveness, gives a business agility, and it
enables new business models. Well, it seems not. Nearly three-quarters
(74 per cent) of UK IT managers think that cloud computing has no relevance to their business.
Is it fear? Are security and privacy concerns the main barriers for
cloud adoption as stems from most related surveys? Or should we ask the
CEO instead of the CIO?

Apparently there is a mismatch between expectations (or
promises) around cloud and how a large group of people perceive it. My
conclusion? We should just stop talking about cloud. It doesn’t help
your business, cloud is irrelevant! Let’s explore why.

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